Saturday, April 9, 2011

Creative Time with Kids

In our Goddess Circle Goddess Leonie shared this wonderful new Mini Video Workshop on Creating with Kids.  She shared how she's been sharing her creative time with Ostra her sweet little mermaid.  It inspired me to expand Keagan's art time to a Mommy and Son Art time.  We usually create art next to each other, meaning he creates his art beside me, each of us using our own paints, his watercolors or Crayola paints, me using my acrylics etc, each of us having our own canvases.  This time I pulled out one of my stretched canvases and we both created together and I shared my paints which he asks to "borrow" often.

He loved the experience, being able to use Mommy's paints and painting on canvas, something he's never done before.  I had a wonderful lesson in releasing perfection, being free to create and letting go.  For a control freak and perfectionist that I tend to be, it was a major learning experience, I loved it!

Here's our art, as we painted I began to see these wonderful whimsical bursts of flowers that looked like fireworks.  I started to add more color over color as he brushed through them, then I pulled out the paints some more and taught him how to create little dots with the back of the brush...he thought that was cool.

By the time we felt it was complete this is what we ended up with...

Pretty cool, if I should say so myself, our first Mommy and Son art project ;)

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  1. Beautiful! I love when we can create together with our children.



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