Sunday, September 5, 2010

Creative Goddess Week 1

Wow, talk about empowering!  Late last night I completed my first week of the Creative Goddess Course.  Yesterday during my creative art time, I sat and looked at an empty canvas, today I'm sitting here looking at a beautiful piece of art created by me!  A piece that is so inspiring, meant to be a reminder of my Spirit Walk and Meditation Gifts of my first week on my Goddess Journey.  I've been wanting to create handmade Goddess journals for my Etsy shop for a while now.  Images of Goddess holding the moon and sitting in meditative poses, then during my meditation I saw the images again...beautifully illustrated.  A reinforcement that I'm on the right path.

Here's Keagan and I on our Spirit Walk.

Here's some gifts in my art.

My Art piece


  1. I was so moved by your comments on week one in the course circle, and I am so happy to come here and see your art work. It is absolutely breathtaking! If you do get some goddessy-goodness journals in your etsy shop I will definitely be interested. :-)

  2. Thanks Michelle, I'm hoping to have my journals up by the end of the month, that's one of my business goals for this month ;)



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