Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Goddess Circle

I'm so excited!  I've been following Goddess Leonie's Goddess Guidbook blog for a few months now and have been wanting to do her ecourses, but haven't been able to get the funds together.  Then earlier this month she introduced her Goddess Circle, "A sanctuary, a haven. A place to come home to yourself, to the beautiful, tender, shining soul inside you. A temple to find your goddess sisters", Goddess Leonie.  For a generous price she's offering ALL of her eCourses and more in this year long Goddess Circle.  I'm am soooo thrilled to have made some sales this month, which provided me the opportunity to join her Goddess Circle.

I'm sooo looking forward to doing her eCourses!  Tonight I'm starting on the "Creative Goddess eCourse" .


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