Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Awesome Storm...

We just had a scary yet awesome storm roll on in and out of our area.  The winds have been building up for a few hours now.  Then the distant thunder came, the kind that rumbles through your soul, of course accompanied by the lightening and then the rain.  It was nice to hear the rain as it washed our Mother Earth.  Wish it was that easy to stand in the rain and have it wash away all the stress and glum.  I miss the ocean, my soul yearns for the feel of the sand between my toes and the crashing of the waves on the shore.

I also miss my daughter, she's been on her own for a few years now but always has been close to home, well, within an hour or two.  Now she's all the way out on the West Coast and I worry about her and miss her so much.  It isn't easy sharing a house with all boys!  Sometimes I just need that girl energy, LOL

My best friend came out a few weeks ago, down from Michigan.  We had a great time and it did give me a girl time fix, but I yearn for more.

Well, the storm seems to be over it was good while it lasted.  We were due for some rain.  Our neighbor's irrigation pipping needs repair and we've not had irrigation water for a few weeks now...the good thing is that it's Monsoon season so we get a good shower every evening or so...thank goodness or we would lose our garden and fields.  Of course if it really got dry we could water it from our hose but that would make for a very expensive water bill ;)

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