Friday, September 17, 2010

Let Creativity Flow...

I am so jazzed by the wonderful vibrations in the Goddess Circle I'm in.  I'm so thankful to be a part of this circle of women, they are so supportive, inviting, inspiring, totally amazing Goddesses.  I'm also lovin' my Creative Goddess eCourse this week's meditation was totally powerful for me and inspired me to do several things.  First I was able to speak my truth regarding our on going, frustrating, stressful Mortgage situation.  After waiting for 5 months to see if they would give us a Loan Modification and were denied.  There has just been so much stress around the whole thing that I've literally have made myself sick, physically over it.  My IBS has flared up and it's been touch and go to keep my system running smoothly.

Anyway, enough of that, so I was also inspired to dye some silk scarves and yarns in the most beautiful shades of blues, grays, and sage all inspired from my meditation. I can't wait to see what I create with them for our Moongsong Ranch shop.  Here's a picture of the yumminess

I also was inspired to majorly declutter our bedroom,(it need it so badly) and create a really cozy sacred space for me to do my meditations, read or whatever where I can feel cozy and inspired.  I surrounded it with things that met something to me...the Art is the art I created my first week on the Creative Goddess eCourse, the scarf was a gift from one of my sisters from my first woman's circle I was ever in, the little tea candle lantern a gift from another sister from the circle, the pictures are of DH and I during our courting and our wedding, the purple candle was a gift from my daughter, the little shelf its on was handmade by my Daddy, I have some crystals on the little alter that I've spoke to me at stone shows, the shawl is a favorite of mine and what I wore during the birth of my 3rd child, the futon was my first piece of furniture when I got out of the Marine Corps and actually had a place I could furnish and the pillows were a Walmart special I got today! LOL

I've also been inspired to declutter my inbox, as in unsubscribe to many emails I don't even read anymore.  Then the biggest, brightest, juicest and magickal inspiration was to actually follow through with my inspiration to create Goddess Journals, that actually have my artwork on them.  I've been putting it off for a while now...but I did it.  Yesterday I posted 3 of the journals, all handmade, I spiral bound myself and used recycled chipboard and what blank pages on the inside.  I have a few more I'm finishing up in larger sizes, but for now these 3 are up in my shop.  Yippee!

So it's been a Creative, Magickal and emotional week!


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  1. Oh what a delightful nest! I love my nest/creative/meditation space which is very similar to yours. So important to have a soft place to curl up and dream......



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