Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rosebud Leis

This evening Keagan and I went out and harvested some rosebuds from our wonderful rose bush.  It's scent is so exquisite and strong you can actually smell it from a far distance.

Once we brought in all the roses, we went into our craft drawer and took out some heavy string, pearls and a needle.  Then we sorted out the larger buds from the smaller ones put them in the order we wanted to string them and trimmed off the little stems.

From there we thread the needle and started threading the rosebuds, depending on how you want your lei to look you can thread the roses from the bud end or the stem end. 

So then we worked our way in a pattern, Keagan likes patterns.  A few times I'd forget a pearl or put two in a row and he would say Pearl, Rose, Pearl, Rose Mom.

We ended up making two, a fairly large one which Keagan wanted for his room.  He said it would make his room smell nice.  The other I made for my car, figured it would look great hanging from my mirror not to mention it will make my car smell good!

Awww, so pretty...we asked Daddy if he wanted on but he said he'd pass...lol

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