Sunday, May 23, 2010

What a long hard week....

I started with a stuffy nose last Sunday only to progress into a horrible cold.  Well, doc said it was a virus but I felt horrible.  Didn't do much but suffered all week through work...being a Contract employee one doesn't have the luxury of having paid sick days!  My little guy started getting sick 3 days prior and still sounds congested and coughing, so I know I've still a few more days of this...but I'm sure the worse is over.  DH and DS1 are also getting sick but they don't seem to have gotten it as bad and DS2 and I.  Because I've been so congested I've not been able to workout as much or as hard and it's really bummed me out.  Though I'm still congested I am able to breath so I will be tackling some major cardio this week!

The beautiful Colorado Spring weather has evaded us this year, like last Spring the winds are harsh, bring up major dust and making it ugly to be in. Seems worse than last Spring though, I'm starting to wonder if this Global Warming isn't behind these strange weather patterns we've had.  Two nights ago the winds were so loud throughout the night that I dreamt of being by the ocean all night long! DH said he too dreamt of the ocean too, LOL!

Been working on some new Anklets, was hoping to have them photographed and up this weekend but I'm not finished photographing them...bummer.  Well, that will be my goal for this week...to get those new Anklets listed!

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