Friday, November 27, 2015

Sea Change...Profound Transformation

When I got Sea Change as myWord for the Year, I didn't even know what it meant, I had never heard of it before.  After a little research I found it's meaning to be Profound Transformation.  As the New Year began I moved through my Yearly Rituals...one of them being Amy Palko's Word Goddess reading.  Sure enough it too confirmed that Profound Transformation would find me this year.

My Word Goddess was...

Nyai Loro Kidul...Indonesian Sea Goddess...her words...song, clarity, release, detox and Transformation. "Nyai Loro Kidul’s presence over this year as a divine invitation to disengage from the negative conditioning that is keeping you silent, so that you can choose to let your song sing you. Almost like a cultural or psychological detox where you can release any negative thought patterns
that are just not serving you."

And so it began...as the year unfolded...I was challenged to do a lot of releasing...some of which has been incredibly hard.  Like the loss of my "day job"...a job that was keeping me small and forcing me to give away my power...though it did provide a steady income...and it's been a long hard year financially for us.

My other Yearly Rituals involve...

Receiving my power animal for the year.  The Wolf graced me this year...Free Spirited, Path-finding, Community.  "The Wolf will teach you how to balance individuality with society"...(how appropriate is that for me). "The Wolf will also give you great stamina and perseverance."

And that it did...I had to muster up all I had, to show up...especially towards the end of the year when I just kept being challenged to show up...thank you Wolf for your gifts or stamina and perseverance. What I found myself doing was having to DIG Deep...but what I noticed was that it was different than my usual "just push through it" attitude. Bren√© Brown nailed it in her book the "Gifts of Imperfection", which I'm currently reading.  There she explains that when we live whole heartedly and find ourselves exhausted and overwhelmed...we DIG Deep..but in a different way.

I became more Deliberate in my thoughts and behaviors and I did this through Sacred Practices...meditation, prayer, setting intentions on the New Moons and releasing on the Full Moons. I even invited Creative Magick into my life more than ever before...through Spinning and Knitting, Super Soul Journey with Whitney Freya and concluding these last 100 days of the year with the commitment of Art Journaling everyday.

I was Inspired to step out of my comfort zone, see the world through new eyes, make different choices, some of which were difficult but sometimes we have to do what we have to do.  Others which challenge my Fears...especially that of not being seen and heard.

And the last as she puts it Going...taking action.  And I have in various ways...one of which was taking a Leadership training class.  I'll will be completing my Wild Woman Circle Leadership training and become a part of an International Community...The Wild Woman Project.  Our bible is "Women Who Run With Wolves"...thank you again Wolf medicine.

I also choose a Mantra to live into and mine was "I am Open".  I recited it often...especially when I felt challenged and overwhelmed and when I wanted to invite new possibilities and opportunities for growth and expansion.  And they came, hard and deep and I embraced each one.

My journey this year has been...

a challenging one to say the least...from the news of my Pre-diabetic diagnose, to the challenges of letting go my most precious companions of the past 20 years...my familiar WillowMyst and our little wise woman Raja. I suppose I really wasn't prepared for the immense transformations that have
occurred for me...but even still, as tears burn down my face while typing this...I...have ...felt...guided.  Even when I felt I hit rock bottom and questioned my existence on this plane...I still was guided to answers...to healing.

And so as the year is rounding down to an end...I continue to DIG Deep...Be Open...and let Sea Change wash over me...

"Embracing the Earth and Moon Energies She ignited her
Passion Reclaimed her Magick and invited
Sea Change to wash over her." ~Allurynn 

What lessons have you learned this past year?  How have you been guided to walk though this life existence?

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