Monday, October 12, 2015

New Moon in Libra...

Today marks 50 years, I've been on this Earthly plane and at 8:06 pm EST the exact New Moon in Libra!

The Libra New Moon activates the Principle of Balance...where do you need more balance in your relationships? The Libra New Moon is perfect for exploring how to invite more pleasure, sensuality and beauty and bring balance in all your relationships by tapping into the Archetype of the Goddess Venus or her Greek counterpart Aphrodite.

 This is a time to ask yourself where can you...

deepen your relationships...find balance between Mind, Body and Spirit.  Your relationships with the people in your life...and your relationship with your body, your finances, your home, your car, even your business, as well as your relationship to Spirit.

Look to see where you can be...

more softer, understanding, more connected, experience more pleasure and joy. 

Resources to help you dig deeper this Libra New Moon

Lisa Micheals ~ Elemental Forces of Creation
Mystic Mamma ~ A clear channel and reflective well of wisdom

Here's the Essential oil blend I created for this New Moon in Libra...

to maintain a balance between our Mind, Body and Spirit. 


~ Oil of Love and Trust, it connects the logical mind to the heart, instills unconditional love and fosters trust.


~  Oil of self-acceptance, teaching us to let go of self-judgement and offering us courage to share the inner-self


~ Oil of Divine Love, the highest frequency oil on the planet, it restores us to authenticity, wholeness and purity.

So, this New Moon harness it's energy, awaken to Venus and embrace balance!

"She raised her eyes up to the Moonless velvet sky...
then whispered her seeds of intention...
Magickally sowing them into the Universe." 

~Allurynn Daugherty

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