Friday, September 20, 2013

Moving Through Grief

I lit a candle yesterday, my way to illuminate Auraluna's crossing.  I cried myself to sleep and woke up with puffy eyes and an empty space in my heart.

They say grieving is a natural process that 

we all go through when we experience loss.  How we move through it all depends on who or what we are grieving.  I've found grief to be a complex emotion, that differs every time I've experienced it.  For me each time it's been an intense storm like an angry sea, with each wave bring up yet another intense emotion.

There isn't a normal process

to grief, it just takes time...there's said to be stages we go through but we don't all experience them in the same order, we may even skip some or loop back into them if we feel incomplete with it.  It may take us longer to move through one stage then another.  And we don't experience the same emotions each time we grieve.

So I took the stages of Grief...

I read about and researched Essential oils to help me or anyone interested in using them move through grief.  Here's the oils I've gathered.

Bergamot ~ Relieves feelings of despair, cleanses your energy and offers you courage to move through the depression.

Breathe ~ dōTERRA's respiratory blend, helps remind me to breathe...as I sob so hard that I find I hold my breath a lot and feel suffocated by sadness.  It's oils helps to let go of grief and pain, releasing the sadness.

Cypress ~ It's the oil of movement and flow.  Assists with transition, as you make the changes that need to be made and move forward with your life.  

Frankincense ~ Will help calm and center you when you feel overwhelmed with what needs to be done.  It will remind you to breathe deep and offer you a clear mind.  It will help with the depression and the acceptance of what is.

Geranium ~ It allows for the emotions to flow freely easing that roller-coaster of emotions you may be feeling but denying in order to protect yourself from the pain.

Lavender ~ Reminds us to nurture ourselves during this time and to forgive.

Roman Chamomile ~ It helps us find purpose and meaning assisting us to move forward.  Soothing feelings of abandonment.

Rose ~ Helps bring up compassion and allows us to let go with love.

Sandalwood ~ Assists in quieting the mind so you may hear the subtle voice of Spirit.  It offers you stillness and assisting you to cut the cords with the past and help you move forward.

Serenity ~  dōTERRA's calming blend is perfect to help us release the anger that may come up.  It also supports us in forgiving, ourselves and others.

Vetiver ~ Will assist in grounding you, offering you support and strength to move through the depression.

White Fir ~ Another grounding oil, offering you stability and healing.

Wild Orange ~ It restores your physical energy, supports a positive mood and aides in transition, it brings joy back into your life.

How to use these oils...

what I do is find a quite place where I can take some deep breaths and check in with myself, sense what I'm feeling.  Then I look down the list and pick 3 that resonate with me, why 3...because it's a good number that's graced my life, you can choose more but be sure the scent pleases you.  You can combined them or just use them by them selves in the any way that speaks to you.  Be it by diluting them in some coconut oil and putting a drop on your wrists, behind your ears or on your chest.

Diffusing them by placing a few drops in your diffuser and allowing it to scent the room.  I'm diffusing Geranium, Lavender and Frankincense as I'm typing this.  You can also diffuse them on a diffuser pendant.  

Inhalation either directly inhaling them from the palm of your hand or placing a few drops on a cotton ball or Kleenex and placing it close to you, where they are available for you to sniff.  I also like putting a few drops on my pillow at night.

A massage or bath blend can be made as well.  Put 6-8 drops in your bath water include a 1/4 cup of milk and take a soothing aromatic bath.  Or blend  6 drops in 15mls of carrier oil like fractionated Coconut oil or Sweet Almond oil and massage your neck, shoulders, chest, and even your feet.  

As you know I use a variety of tools 

from my medicine bag when dealing with life...and so I'm also wearing a Rose Quartz bracelet that I made myself.  Rose Quartz is known as the "stone of gentle love". It takes away fears, resentment and anger and replaces those feelings with pure love.  It's a stone of compassion that helps you open your heart chakra and allowing for some deep healing.

Another thing that's helped me is surrounding myself with friends, I can't thank them all enough for their wonderful love and soothing words.  I also know that sharing my feelings and continuing to nurture myself through out this difficult time is a must. Through not only the use of Essential oils but also connecting with Nature and going on Spirit walks which are so comforting to me.

I leave you with an affirmation...

I face loss with compassion, allowing myself to express and move through it in all it's forms, with courage and grace as only Auraluna could have taught me, knowing I can trust that I will move on when the time is right.

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