Monday, October 1, 2012

Follow Your Heart

On my spiritual journey this year, I've often heard references to the heart, and how it's the source of our intuitive thoughts and feelings; and how we should connect with it often.   Many meditations refer to opening our heart center and filling it with Divine light.  I didn't quite get it at first...I mean sometimes following our hearts can be scary.  And I suppose I was too much in my head prior to opening up to Spirit/Higherself.  But after much meditation and with my recent Reiki studies.

I finally understand.  

In practicing Reiki, I've been opening up to self-realization and continuing to develop my intuitive abilities.  I have also been open to receiving Divine Love and Wisdom which fills my heart before I send it out to the areas that need healing.  Learning to open my heart chakra and connecting with my heart often.  Being led from the heart has led me down new paths I don't quite understand or get the full picture of yet; but I feel in the end it's all gonna come together.  Opportunities for growth keep showing up for me and I've been moved to being more open to things that I would normally not be, cos' before I would spend to much time weighing it all out (the Libra in me).  Instead now, I've just been going with the flow and for the first time in a very long, long time

I'm truly feeling I'm exactly where I should be. 

I'm not rushing to the end or dwelling on the past...I'm here, now and I'm open to receive...I'm okay.  I've been connecting much more with nature through the Barefoot Breathing eCourse, which also has a week of connecting to your heart and which let me tell you is so wonderful and rich.  Through my barefoot breathing, meditations and Reiki, I've been finding my way home...to my heart.

I was recently invited by Sheri Ponzi from Painting Herself into Being and creator of  "Angels in my Studio" to join her tribe of courageous souls who are opening up and beginning their Heart Journeys.  "Once we follow the path of our hearts, miracles unfold", to me this is so, so true.

Want to hear an interesting fact...

Did you know that our hearts have brain cells?  Yep...there's proven studies that there are thousands of brain cells in our heart.  I mean we all know that the heart of a fetus starts to beat before the brain is even formed, right...so it's not govern by the brain.  It's said that the heart can literally communicate with the brain and that the brain understands AND responds.  Pretty cool huh?  So it makes sense that our hearts are our connection to our Higherself and Divinity.  It also brings a whole new meaning to "follow your heart" 

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