Friday, September 28, 2012

Angel Stones

I'm always open to creating and making fun new art projects, especially when I can involve my kids.  One of the lessons in "Angels in my Studio" was sponsored by Kea Pea and called "Angel Stone Project".  Of course living in the boonies I can never find the supplies I need.  Usually it takes a 2 hour trip to the nearest Hobby Lobby...or in this case...have my daughter bring them with her during a recent visit from Cali :)

I took the opportunity for both of us to write positive messages on our stones, hoping to use them as gentle reminders. We really enjoyed the process and of course he loved it cos' 1. it's art, and 2. he got to play with "Mommy's art supplies".

Kea warned that this isn't a project geared for very young kids, cos although it's fun...they do resemble candy. I was fortunate that my daughter was able to find large quarter size stones for me, which made it easier to write for and see the messages.

My little guy was able to address the hard stuff in a positive light, like being afraid at night...due to "monsters".  I attempt to help by giving him a small Dream Catcher that he has above his bed, and an awesome bright night light, I even Sage his room   ...but despite all that...he still has those scary moments.  So he chose to write a message by himself and created a stone that says "It's alright, monsters can't get you".

He created many others, which he asked me to write for him.  One was a reminder to Smell the Flowers and Blow out the Candles" for when he gets frustrated and forgets to breathe. Another was a reminder that the Angels are always with him; referring to one of his favorite books by Doreen Virtue "Thank you, Angels".

In the end we both ended up with a wonderful collection of simple sayings and reminders.  I keep mine on my alter and he keeps his by his bed side.

 I believe it's important to find fun and engaging ways to communicate with our kids and work through rough stuff.  So that they know they can always come to you with what ever is on their mind.  I know that for me, simple practices like these have lead to having wonderful open communication with all my kids...even after they move out of the home and especially during the rough teenage years ♥

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