Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Saying YES to my Calling...

I started out this year with the intention of finding my life's purpose.  It seemed I reached a point last last summer where I felt there had to be something more, more than what I'm doing right now in my life.  I felt a need to reach out and make a difference somehow, to connect to the world outside of just being a contract employee and struggling to succeed as owner and designer of a jewelry business.  I pondered over it a lot...but still nothing came to me.  Have you ever experienced that feeling where, for example you buy a particular type of car and now all you see on the road is that particular car...well, that's how it showed up for me...before I knew it everyone was talking about one's life's purpose, how to find yours, and so on.

But the question...What is my life's purpose...just hung there waiting to be answered....

I felt so clueless, I even ventured to explore some free workshops on how to find it...but nothing came to me.  Until just a few days ago...while doing one of the wonderful attunement meditations, about our angels of Divine Inspiration and Artistic Expression by Michael Golzmane, who is part of our Angels in my Studio eCourse.  

Ever since working with Lori-Lyn in communicating with my Guides and Guardian Angels, I have been called to deepen my connection, I've been meditating more often, receiving some wonderful messages, confirmations and reassurances...and this one was a huge breakthrough for me...

And though, up til now, it never dawned on me to just ask...this time I did...I simply asked "please guide me to finding my life's purpose" and...

It came to me so clear...so strong...and felt sooo right...."Your life's purpose has always been to be a Healer...reach back in your memories and remember"...

Wow, why had it eluded me when all along is was right there...plain as it could be...and so, as I looked back, I remembered...  From my huge dream of being a Nature Photographer for National Geographic to expose our forests and wildlife to the public and remind them how precious they are and how we are to  protect them and heal our forests...to choosing a career in western medicine as a Registered Medical Assistant for 13 years, as I raised my children as a single mom.  And the many other paths I ventured on, from my dabbling into healing with crystals, herbalism, and my love of healing with essential oils and the biggest of them all...all the healing I've done in my own life.  Not to mention, I have many healers in my ancestral line, from my aunt on my father's side to my grandfather and uncle on my mother's side and so on. Everything I thought of pointed to the fact that I am here to be a healer, it's always been there, from my deep connections with Nature's Angels who's mission is to heal and take care of Mother Earth, to the vague memory of have being told my Aura's prominent color was that of a healer, many years ago.  No wonder I feel empty, after spending all these years at a bench, working in a field that doesn't truly allow me to do what I'm here to do.

So, now I'm left with the question...where do I go from here...how do I express and share this with the world.

I'm not sure how this will show up for me or where I go from here...I revisited my medical career, and though I was always complemented on being very compassionate and gentle in my practices, western medicine doesn't speak to me, as a path I want to go back down.  And so...I find myself once again open to divine guidance, open to what ever shows up for me as being the path, the venue to use so I can step into my true power and live my life's purpose...

I say YES to my Calling...and remain open...

Are you following yours?


  1. What a beautiful path you're on as you go deeper and deeper into your calling. Your healing light blesses the world.

  2. Hi dear Alluryn,

    I was in BOD with you remember,and I purchased a wonderful very special chain with a tibethan prayerchest and 4 gemstones you picked just for me:My hubs present for my 50th bday.

    Ever since I have been feeling very special wearing it,and I have had very impressive challenges and chances in my business-career.
    I read this and just wanted to say: I knew already you had this in you!

    I am so happy with my chain and the little gifts that were added to the package.

    Hugs to you
    May your angels guide you furter on your road!

    Desiree Oude Groothuis
    The Netherlands

  3. Thank you Lori-Lyn for your constant encouragement and for offering me your wonderful support and friendship on my path.

  4. Oh Desiree, thank you so much for sharing this, for offering me confirmation and truly bring a smile to my heart. I'm thrilled that the stones are blessing you with the energies you needed. Many blessing to you my friend.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this! Be blessed on your path!



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