Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Elements of Art Journaling

Wow, I'm lovin Effy Wild's The Elements of Art Journaling class!  OMGoddess it's only the first week and I'm enjoying it so much it's so inspiring and I'm learning lots of tricks ;)  She taught us how to create our own journals for the course and not only are they fricken totally awesome, but mine is soooo me (as my girlfriend put it) ...I had a blast creating it too.

She also taught us our first Elements page layout, which was inspiring, I created my own version of it and included one of the tattoos I want to get...my dragonfly and Celtic knots, which to me represents Spirit and has deep meaning.

Water: Intuition ~ I Feel
Earth: Stability ~ I Have
Fire: Passion      ~ I Can
Air: Creativity    ~ I love
Spirit: Magick   ~ I Am

Fun, fun, fun...now I have to finish my homework and do some practice clustering in my new journal ;)  I'm sooo looking forward to week 2 :)
Here's Effy's free video on doing our first layout if you want to try out your own variation of it!

Are you inspired?  Do you want to join the fun?  There's still time so come on over to The Elements of Art Journaling and play with us!


  1. I love your new journal Alluryn and your spread, and I think I love all of your work- I am off to look at more.

    Love and Light

    Louise xxx

  2. Awesome job, I love how your cover has your name across it and I love this:
    Water: Intuition ~ I Feel
    Earth: Stability ~ I Have
    Fire: Passion ~ I Can
    Air: Creativity ~ I love
    Spirit: Magick ~ I Am

    Your elements page layout is so vibrant. How did you do the lettering. Inquiring minds want to know.

  3. Thanks Louise and Stephanie ;)
    Stephanie, my name isn't part of my journal, I've been playing with watermarking my photos. BUT...hmmm that's a good idea though, as I've not committed to putting a title on it yet :)
    The stamp is from Close to My Heart, "Believe alphabet Set" I used to be an independent consultant, I love scrapbooking too!

  4. i LOVE the cover...wowzers...it makes me think of garden magick or maybe a compendium of magical creatures....

    i love dragonflies too -- dragonflies, butterflies and frogs are big symbols for me.

    and the first spread there is STUNNING -- such vibrancy and the knot/dragonfly is beautiful..

  5. Great page's and love your cover for your new class ;0)

    Love Dawn xx

  6. Your elements page is gorgeous! Love the energy its emitting!



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