Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Incredibly Magickal Business eCourse

You all know how much I have been enjoying being a part of the Goddess Circle, it's opened me up to so much and has helped me grow in leaps and bounds.  All of the juicy eCourses Goddess Leonie has to offer are full of magick and inspirations, I worked my way through the Creative Goddess eCourse, which was such an inspiration, you can read about my first week here and one of my goals this year is to complete the other two ecourses as well.

Well Goddess Leonie did it again, she just released her new Business Goddess eCourse!  I can't put into words how chuck full of business goodness this eCourse is.  She has shared all her experiences, tips and suggestions to help you make your dream come true too and become a Business Goddess!

The best part about it is that no matter where you are in creating your Business Dream, whether you are just starting out or you've been at it for a while, like myself, there is such a wealth of information that you are bound to learn something new!  I love her simple and easy to follow lists, as well as her worksheets to keep me on task. Not to mention her soulful stories, they touch my heart and bring tears to my eyes cos' she has been there and she totally gets what we all go through as we labor giving birth to our Biggest Dream of Dreams.

She offers tips on Sacred Pricing and even offers options along the way to help you make the best choice for websites, hosting and blogs that fit your needs and budget.  I love, love all of this and wish it had been available to me when I first started out.  She's got my creative juices running again as I brainstorm towards earning my Gorgeous Abundance!

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