Friday, December 10, 2010

Reconnecting ...

 I know I have been completely out of touch with not only my blogging but life in general.  After the big move to our new home, things took a while to settle.  Not to mention to heal physically from the move, Hubby and I did it alone and there were some majorly heavy stuff to move.  Left me with a pinched nerve on my wrist which made my hand/fingers go numb, preventing me from typing or really doing much with that hand.  I also messed up my left elbow...that is slowly healing and it's so painful, it burns, aches and sends sharp pain up and down my arm when ever I grasp anything.

After Zia's passing, I shut down for a while...did some "Cave Time" as I'm known to do when I need my space and time to heal.  When we got her ashes back the kids and I went to back to where we lived when we first got her. The kids and Zia used to play out in the vast fields of Southwest Sage Brush, and had found a rock which they called Pride Rock.  This is where we laid her to rest by spreading her ashes, we left a white rose on top of Pride Rock.  We kept some of her ashes as the kids wanted to keep part of her with them.  A friend, teammate and fellow artist Jill makes vessels which are inspired by the Canopic jars of Egypt.  She made the kids each a jar which resembled Zia.  They came out beautiful and were exactly what they needed/wanted.

 Since then I've read The Pagan Book of Living and Dying, which was good for me to read.  I also have delved into two of SARK's books.  "Succulent Wild Women" and her latest "Glad No Matter What" both of which have been very inspiring.  Right now I feel like my inner child needs lots of love and comforting and SARK's books, as well as Goddess Leonie's eCourses are full of color and healing...so for now this is my healing place.

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