Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Two Exciting Announcements and Offerings for You!

I have two exciting announcements to share!  I'm sure you all remember a few months back when I announced I was accepted into the ARTbundance Coaching Certification Program in my post "Being Willing to Ask".  Well, I am happy to announce after a long magickal journey through my training I am finally a...

Certified ARTbundance Coach!

Woohooo!  As I said it's been a magickal journey, I've so enjoyed this wonderful training as I myself did some deep self-exploration and self-discoveries along the way, which was part of the curriculum. As I mentioned in my original post above, this program was based 9 Principles Gratitude, Intuition, Balance, Choice, Vision, Action, Attraction Connection, and Service, teaching unique exercises that use Art and Creativity as a conduit for exploration and transformation.  I have seen amazing results and empowering sessions in my practice and I'm honored to be able to offer this type of coaching to my tribe. So in honor of my new offer, I am gifting my Tribe and anyone else interested in Co-Creative Coaching...

A Pay-What-You-Can Special Offer...

If you are interested in learning more about ARTbundance and what my Co-Creative Coaching sessions are all about, click HERE and explore!

Now remember I had a second announcement to share? But before I do, I want to share a little back story on how I came to create it.  Well, I've been so inspired by these powerful 9 Principles we explored that I not only use them intuitively to guide my sessions, but I also align myself with them on a daily basis.  These Principles are building blocks to self-awareness, I personally envision them as a spiral ladder, each one taking us up to our ultimate desire.

Since my training I've adopted two more Principles...Play and Change, which I feel are just as important to explore.  Play is the core component in my Coaching and has become a big part in my life and biz.  Dolphins came to me as my business totem 2 years ago...at the time I wasn't sure why or even how they had anything to do with my business.  Since then I've continued to grow and expand and have come full circle in understanding what they were foreshadowing.

As with all growth, there is Change...

the second principle I've adopted. When we invite growth and expansion, we need to not only expect Change, but be willing to allow and embrace it, both in ourselves and life in general and most important to have faith no matter how scary it may seem.  And that's been exactly my journey.  Here's a wonderful quote about Change that resonates with me...

Therefore be as the river willow that bends and sways with the wind. That which remains changeless shall outlive it's spirit, but that which evolves and grows will shine for centuries.
 Scott Cunningham

Okay so for the second announcement...aligning myself to these Principles daily has given birth to using them with my Essential Oils, more info on this coming soon and inspired me to create a mini eBook using them to create Affirmations.  An empowering practice I enjoy.  The book teaches a fun way to engage Deep Play to create change in your life.  By Changing, negative talk and limiting beliefs through creating Affirmations.

11 Steps to Creating Affirmations Using 11 Principles!

In this book I guide you through, step by step, in creating powerful Affirmations using these 11 Principles.  I also offer a picture for each, of our Goddess Self embracing each Principle through the Symbols I've assigned each of them.  It's a creative approach to creating Affirmations that I came up with and want to share with you!  Click HERE and check out what others have said about my ebook! 

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