Friday, October 19, 2012

The Benefits of Earth Medicine

Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet 
and the winds long to play with your hair.
~ Kahlil Gibran ~

You've all heard me rave about the "Barefoot Breathing" eCourse by Jackie Stewart and Jason Smalley from Essence of Wild.  Well today, I'm honored to host Day 5 of the Virtual Blog Tour for their "Landscapes of your Soul" offering. Yesterday, Gin from Subtle Harmony opened her heart and shared her experience and thoughts on the eCourse in "Landscapes of Your Soul".

It's my pleasure today, to share with you my interview with Jason Smalley of Essence of Wild on the benefits of Earth Medicine, a topic that speaks to my soul, since Mother Earth's healing gifts are a big part of my spiritual practice. Jason's exquisite photography graces the pages of "Landscapes of your Soul", his stunning photos completes this wonderful eCourse and you all know my passion for nature photography, as it's another way for me to connect deeper with nature....Okay, so lets begin.

 What are the various ways you use Earth Medicine in your life?

I realized recently that I've always used Earth Medicine, even when I didn't or wouldn't acknowledge it's existence. The simple act of taking time outside to ponder and think is using the medicine of the Earth to clear through blocks, whether they are emotional or mental.

Earth Medicine comes in many forms, including flower essences and tinctures to land connections. I strive to take time out in my ancient landscapes to connect with what I need at that particular time. Different landscapes bless us with different medicines, and as the Landscapes of Your Soul shows, we are drawn to precisely the land we need for the appropriate healing. We just have to quieten ourselves and allow the messages to come through. 

 Taking photographs is a big part of what I do, photographs of the land and of the nature that lives there. Earth Medicine enables me to connect at a deeper level with my subject.

In your opinion, what is/are the best way(s) to open up to receiving Earth Medicine?

In order to tap into Earth Medicine it's essential to connect deeply with Mother Earth. Only then can we begin to hear the subtle messages she wants to convey to us. It's no quick fix though. This level of connection takes time and perseverance to achieve.

For me, it's important to take a deep interest in the physical nature around us. To fall in love with her, to feel at one with her once more. Just as our ancestors did. By opening our heart to Mother Earth we will begin to forge a channel of communication. Really take note of what's around. Spend time with the little things, study them in detail. Recently, I discovered sketching and I enjoy being immersed in studiously searching for every detail of what even tiny thing I want to draw. This adds another level of connection to my photography too. Spending ages with a fern frond, getting to know it on a deeper level was quite a revelation for me.

Once we can drop into this state of being totally 100% present with nature we can then begin to deepen into a more spiritual connection. I do this by closing my eyes and "feeling" the presence of nature with my heart. It's not a head based connection, it needs to be so much deeper.

What are the benefits you've reaped from opening up to receiving Earth Medicine?

I recognise the times when I'm starved of earth connection which leaves me feeling ungrounded and then I can ensure I take time out to open up to receive Earth Medicine. It can simply be by sitting by a bush that calls me after a busy day on the computer, or having a slow wander through the woods when my day has been challenging.

More than this though, Earth Medicine is nurturing. It's not for taking only when we have an issue, or feel "sick" emotionally or spiritually. It's more like food in that it becomes an important part of life. By keeping topped up on Earth time we can better fend off the issues that assault us in every day life.  
Also, I take better photographs when I've spent time barefoot connecting in with nature. It's simple things like this that can make such a difference.

I truly hope you enjoyed this interview with Essence of Wild... 

and that its inspired you to deepen your connection with the landscapes of your soul. 

Click here to purchase your own copy of Landscapes of Your Soul for instant download.

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  1. Thank you for this beautiful interview, Jason and Allurynn. I love how you talk about earth medicine as food, not just medicine when we feel sick. I try to remember this on busy days.

    Big hugs, Karina

  2. Dear Allurynn

    Thank you for hosting us on the blog tour, it's an honour to be hanging out (even if virtually) with another barefoot breather! Love Jackie xxx



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