Friday, October 5, 2012

Bedtime Soothing

I found a wonderful pattern for a moon pillow that would not only be a fun art project for us, but also provide some much needed bedtime soothing.  Ever since school started my little guy has had a hard time winding down for bed.  Though we've kept a bedtime routine...he still seems to have way too much energy to fall right to sleep come bedtime.  So, I thought this pillow would be a

good way to use some aromatherapy to help him.

Of course, being a kid at heart and having an affinity with the Moon I had to make one for me too :)  Also I should make it known I'm no sewer with either needle and thread or machine...but after having fun last year creating my Empathy Monster for Tam Laporte's Art, Heart and Healing Free eCourse, I thought I'd give sewing another try.

We picked out some soft fleece in the colors we liked...folded it in half and out lined the moon pattern on it...cut out our moons and started to sew them up, leaving a cute little pocket for our scented pad.

We had fun using my little Pixie art sewing machine.  He so wanted to sew on his own, but being cautious I convinced him he could put his hands on mine and help me guide it through.  

Before long we were turning them inside out and stuffing them.

Then we put the finishing touches on our moons, he used his markers to draw on the eyes and smile. While I chose to stitch mine on...yeah I know...but cross stitching and embroidery are types of sewing I enjoy...you don't have to depend on them to hold anything together...lol.

We added a drop of lavender on the pad and stuffed it in the little pocket.  Now we both have a wonderful scented Moon Pillow to enjoy! Oh, speaking of art...

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If you'd like to make one of these fun scented pillows with your little ones...or for that matter one for yourself, lol...you can find the pattern and directions Here.  If you end up make one, be sure to come back and share your link, I'd love to see it! Enjoy 

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