Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Barefoot Breathing and a FREE Moon Journal!

I've been blessed that the Universe has provided a way for me to take all the enriching eCourses I've had on my "to take" list this year and even introduced me to and provided a way to new ones, all of which have inspired me and provided me with much spiritual growth this year.

The Barefoot Breathing eCourse was the last of those on my to do list and I am honored to say I'm able to experience this soulful eCourse that's been calling to me since last year.  I've been a barefoot breather for years...kicking my shoes off and feeling the Earth under my feet has always called to me. For years it's been my way to connect to nature, recharge and ground.  Surprisingly enough despite having sensitive feet, you'll find them bare more than not no matter what time of year.  Barefoot breathing is a wonderful way to feed your soul, in fact it's featured as one of the saying in my Limited Edition Stamped Inspirations.

As I mentioned in previous posts, I met Jackie through the Goddess Circle, I was drawn to her wonderful energy and her love and knowledge of Flower Essences.    When Barefoot Breathing was birthed, it totally called to me...from Jason's beautiful photography (which is one of my passions), to the healing mandalas, (which I've been creating and and have made available through my photography shop on Etsy) and of course the deep soul re-connection through the creative prompts and guided meditations that are all offered to awaken our ancient wisdom...I'm sooo looking forward to this magickal journey.

Both she and Jason created this wonderful video giving you a taste of their magickal eCourse and  how it can help you rediscover your sacred connection to nature.

Be sure to visit the link as well, to download a special gift they have provided... a FREE Moon Journal; which I think is perfect with the Blue Moon coming up on the 31st, (Blue Moon is when there is a 2nd Full Moon that appears in one calendar month, making it the 13th Full Moon of the year).

The Autumn Session of Barefoot Breathing starts Sunday Sept 2nd...will you be joining the Barefoot Tribe?

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  1. I've never heard of Barefoot Breathing, but I do go barefoot quite a bit, thanks to some learning I did a few years back. In fact, in the last 2 weeks, I've gone back to being barefoot as much as possible. I had never seen it as a spiritual thing, more about proper posture and walking, and being more in touch with the world directly under your feet.



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