Thursday, May 17, 2012

Day 17 of 29 Faces

I'm still going strong...keeping up with my daily faces.  Today I thought I was only going to get a sketch out since I have a headache that won't quit.  But after I sketched her I was called to color her in and used my Derwent Coloursoft pencils.  This is my first time coloring a face in pencils I had to use odd colors to get the shading (which I'm still learning to do).  But I like how she turned out...

Also, I've been meaning to share what my Hubby helped me create.  I was wanting to buy one of those tub pencil holders and mount it on the wall so I could lay my markers down, as I've read they work better stored this way.  Anyway, he helped me create this version out of PVC pipes...cool or what!


  1. Wow - your hubby's pvc storage is FAB! Good for you for keeping up with the faces challenge :)

  2. this is the coolest thing Alluryn, i have the same challenge keeping markers horizontal, and they usually end up cluttering my desktop

    i think i have a project for hubby this weekend :)

  3. Great idea - could he make one for me?? I will be glad to pay him for supplies and labor. My husband has never known what the end of any tool is supposed to be used for. Great guy but no manual dexterity. Let me know if your hubby is interested?? Hugs.

  4. oh, that is so cool - does you hubby fancy coming over here and making one for me.... guess not, i'll just have to get mine to take a look and make one - he is an engineer after all.

  5. Thanks everyone...I'm blessed to have a creative hubby. I'm really lovin my organizer and the best part is that there is plenty of room for more tubes should I need them.

    Maryann I would love to say yes, but he is in the mist of getting a bunch of product together for our big Fiber Festival that is coing up. He creates handmade blending Hackles and Combs for processing fiber, not to mention all the dyeing and spinning he's doing as well. He'd also have to figure out the cost to make and ship...but if you are still interested and don't mind the wait, feel free to privately email me and we can discuss the details :)



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