Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Blessed Beltane and Day 1 of 29 Faces!

Vinca Minor from my back yard

Blessed Beltane!  One of my favorite Sabbats not only cos' we celebrate the greening of Mother Earth, but it's my sweet little boy's birthday too!  Our day started kind of iffy with lots of overcast and high winds, but the sun eventually came out and it's been gorgeous ever since.

I've been really enjoying all the Spring blossoms we've been having this year compared to last...look at these beautiful apple blossoms!

Okay...so you all heard I joined May's 29 Faces Challenge with Ayala Art...well today was Day 1.  I plan on doing sketches in one of my XL Mixed Media journals, then I can have them to scan and use again in various sizes in other art projects, Effy gave me this idea and I love it.

So, here's the face I drew today...

I had a few technique issues when I tried to paste her on to my BOD...I'm still learning how to integrate faces on to the page.  I ended up getting some matte medium, on her face, which I used to stick her on, ...so it gave me what I call cold spots...like in ceramics where the paint won't take.  But practice makes perfect, so this will be good practice for me.  Here's the finished spread in my book...

You know I love shimmer and glimmer...but photos never do it justice...her wings shimmer in champagne and have blue glitter throughout, so do her eyelids.  I love it!  Day 1 complete ♥


  1. I LOVE her! Very pretty!
    Blog hopping from BOD posts!

  2. Oh she is beautiful Allurynn... such a lovely face and wonderful background... yes I am in Life Book but falling behind as well... loving every minute of it though... can't wait to see more...

    Jenny x

  3. She is beautiful. I love how you use the gem stones.

  4. very beautiful and love her wispy hair.

  5. She's lovely and I look forward to seeing more of your faces!

  6. You did a fantastic spread! What are you using to paint your faces? I always go over my sketches with matte medium if I'm gluing them somewhere. But I use acrylics then to paint over it. I guess watercolors wouldn't take.:)

  7. Thanks everyone ♥ NatashaMay...thanks for the advice, I use Carand'ahe water soluble crayons, my faves as well as Inktense pencils...but I got some great tips from one of my sister in the Book of Days...gonna give it a try once I get some supplies. She suggested I dissolve my watercolor with Liqutex matte fluid medium so they are sealed.



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