Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Self-Honoring Wednesday~ Healing Waters

Himalayan Bath Salts

There is nothing like a Hot bath to help you relax and soothe your body.  But did you know you can take it a step further and create healing waters in your own home?  By simply adding salt, not that fufu bath stuff that has perfumes and chemicals that you can't even pronounce in them, but real Celtic Sea Salts, Dead Sea Salt, Himalayan Salts or even Epson Salts have so many minerals and many therapeutic properties. Research has been conducted to the effects of sea salt bath therapy, the findings were an improvement in one’s immune system by increasing the natural human healing and defense power. It is a wonderful treat for the skin, as it's a natural exfoliator and eases all sorts of skin related problems.  "The skin is not only an organ of elimination. It is also an organ of absorption, and that's why salt baths are so healing." Sam Biser, author of How to Heal Disease with Salt.  Salt is essential for our life and we cannot live without it. But keep in mind that there are huge differences between the regular, refined table/cooking salt  we use and the healthy natural salts that are mined from Sea water deposits. 

I enjoy taking salt baths for many different reasons, there are times I need help to let go of "stuff" by cleansing my aura and releasing negative energy leaving my body rejuvenated.  I do this by combining salts and Essential oils in my bath.  Other times, I enjoy them as a healing ritual, as I mentioned above salt baths have many therapeutic properties.  I also do ritual bathing. Again, I like to combine the salt bath with  Essential oils that will address whatever my intention is.  Like Eucalyptus and Rosemary for colds or Thyme, Lavender and Ginger for sore muscles or sprains, there are many combinations of Essential oils to help assist in the healing, but the most important ingredient is the Sea Salt.

I spent the last week recovering from a ruptured ovarian cyst.  Let me tell you the pain was beyond anything I have ever experienced and it came on out of nowhere there were no prior symptoms.  At first I though I may be passing a kidney stone, but after seeing my NP she confirmed that it indeed was an ovarian cyst.  I have been taking some salt baths to easy with my left flank achiness and soreness while my body heals and not surprisingly it's helped a lot. I believe it's the combination of the relaxing properties of the salt bath as well as it's ability to draw out toxins and impurities from the body.  I read that when one sleeps, our bodies repair from the day and push out acidic toxins towards the skin. So the best time to take salt baths is in the morning, this way you are able to remove toxins from your skin.  In fact you can give your skin a wonderful treat by dry brushing it, bathing in a salt bath and rinsing off in cold water, a wonderful home spa treatment!

A word of caution...though salt bathing is healing and relaxing, it also taxes your circulatory system, as it removes toxins and cleanses so I would suggest you consult a doctor before taking salt baths if you have a weak heart or other heart problems ♥ 

Amendment: After experiencing more intense pain, I had a CT scan and was diagnosed with Kidney stones, though there was fluid in my ovary and it is indicative of a ruptured cyst, that has not been the cause of my extreme pain.

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