Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Goddess Circle Reflections....

I can not believe that today is my 1 year Anniversary with the Goddess Circle.  A sacred space for women created by Goddess Leonie.  A place that for me has been my sanctuary, which has been full of wisdom, support, encouragement and magick.  Yes, it's so magickal how it impacts our lives and most of all teaches us how to let our inner Goddess Sparkle!  I was one of the first Goddesses to join and now we are up to 1,250 of us from all around the world, creating miracles and strong bonds.

In the past year I have grown so much, shifted my mindset, and truly found my tribe.  Those that know me well, know it's not been an easy year for me, with the loss of our Ranch last fall and the passing of family members to include my best friend and companion of 15 years. Going through hard times that we refer to as "dark nights of our souls", isn't easy and often finds us forgetting we are strong and this too shall pass.  Having the Goddess Circle and the sisters I've grown to love and share with there in my sanctuary, for support, guidance and most of all reminders that we are NOT alone, has been the most incredible gift I could have ever asked for. 

Through the Creative Goddess eCourse I've embraced my Creativity even more and realized what a huge part it is in my life, and how when I nurture it by allowing myself to have creative time outside of just my businesses, has helped me blossom and grow with my art in fun and new directions.  In the Circle we were recently asked to participate in the "30 Days of Goddess" where we shared from our hearts and answered this question, "What is the one thing you most want to share with other women to help them be a Goddess?"  There was 150 contributions from Goddesses all over the world.  I myself created my first Youtube movie ever for this.  It consists of my story and photos I've taken throughout the year; all of which is meant to inspire and remind women that even when we forget to embrace our Inner Goddess she is still there.

This isn't something I would have felt comfortable sharing a year ago, exposing my life and myself, let alone creating, with my limited technical knowledge, but the encouragement and support offered in the Circle has been amazing.  It's a constant reminder that's it's okay to Dream Big, and so I continue to do so.  There have been thread posted that have helped me open my heart, go deep and learn so much from my inner wise Goddess.  Through it I learned about the 365 Project which has challenged me to grow in one of my most favorite hobbies, Photography.  It's a commitment take a picture a day, so far I'm on day 243 66% complete and have every intention on completing the year. Sometimes I get behind on uploading my pictures, but I take one everyday.  Here are some of my latest shots.

I so enjoy taking macros photos and photos of nature's treasures too.

The recent release of the Business Goddess ebook was such a wonderful way to look at my business in a whole new and different light, and approach it in a new Goddessy magickal way for me.  As I have had a hard relationship with the Marketing aspect of my business...I sooo much rather be creating :)  But I truly understand the importance of it and through all the wisdom Goddess Leonie shared, as well as connecting with fellow Business Goddesses through our Circle, I've learned how to put myself and my business out there, step out of my comfort zone often and ride wild donkeys! I took my blog to another level as I started sharing posts about my art and shop as well.  I also created a wonderful Sparkling Goddess Series where I've been sharing inspiring stories from my fellow sisters as to what makes them sparkle. Through it all I believe the most valuable lesson I learned is, "Never ever compare your art to anyone else, we are all unique and gifted, and our art is a gift to the world".  So, so true, thank you Goddess Leonie!  Through those words of wisdom I found the strength to start listing my Goddess Art journals...and have much more in store for my shop by way of paper art!

I learned to come out of my shell and let my wise inner Goddess shine in ways I never thought I could. A few months ago I volunteered to become one of Goddess Leonie's Mentors on the Circle.  I feel so honored to be able to give back to a community of women that have become a second family to me.  We have created smaller Goddess Groups monitored by individual Mentors to help new Goddess become acquainted with the Circle as it grows and expands in magickal ways. It's such a wonderful way to meet new Goddesses on a more intimate level.  Aside from being a Mentor on the Circle, I'm also a Team Leader on the Goddess Circle Etsy Team, along with Becky Jaine and Jodi and I am one of the Admins for our Shinning Goddesses Yahoo Team for our Etsy Team, along with Becky Jaine and Haloquin, all of who are Goddess Circle Sisters.

Not only have I built long lasting relationships with wonderful women, connected with other creative souls and have also found a Business tribe to help and assist each other in growing our businesses, I have also remembered to grow and expand everyday embracing my inner Goddess more and more.  Like I said it's been a magickal year in the Goddess Circle and I know I still have much more to learn.  I invite you to come check out this wonderful and magickal place, or at the very least visit Goddess Leonie's website.  I guarantee you will not be disappoint by how authentic and real she is and by all the beautiful juicy wisdom she shares with all of us.


  1. This is all so very exciting and inspiring for me, a new Goddess Circle sister, to read and know! I have already felt profound changes in myself after just reaching my almost month mark in the circle, and have encouraged myself to open my heart, mind and soul to others there to try to be a valuable part of this powerful tribe, and to grow, learn, connect and be inspired by everything that is shared. Your photography is beautiful, I can feel the connection and joy you recieve from nature through your images! Blessings on your continued Goddess journey!

  2. A new sister! Welcome to the circle. Yes, the Goddess Circle is a precious gift, to be able to connect with so many women is just amazing. Thank you, for the wonderful comment and blessing!

  3. Your video is exquisite - full of gentle power. Your photos are amazing - they look "professional" - which is what you are, right? And the pages from your journal - they encourage me to art the way that is right for ME - with simplicity and clarity. Thanks so much for sharling.
    I am also enjoying the Sparkling Goddess series. I am learning and growing. Thanks!!

  4. Thank you so much for all the wonderful compliments. I love photography and have had a camera by my side since my first one when I was a teenager. I'm working towards putting a shop together where I can offer my photos, and hope to have it set up soon. I'm touched that my art has inspired you to do art the way that feels right to you, because that is so perfect! Yes, I too am amazed at all the wonderful wisdom that is being shared in my Sparkling Goddess Series and the juicy and creative ways that it's expressed!

  5. I am so glad you decided to share your video with the world! And your photos are indeed GORGEOUS! Much love, sister..

  6. As someone who is relatively new to the Goddess Circle, just over a year late, I loved reading this post. I feel as though I'm following in your footsteps and re-living your experiences.

    The Goddess Circle is truly sacred space and it thrills me to bits to read that others view it the same way that I do.

    Thank you for the smiles that came from reading. I hope the last 12 months has been much easier for you.

  7. Thank you Shan and welcome to the Circle! It has been a truly wonderful experience for me and I've only continued to grow and expand from it. The last 12 months have been extremely challenging for me, but I have a different perspective on it all and just keep on moving forward. Wish you the best in growth and experiences with the Circle ♥



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