Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fire Week and the Renaissance Faire

Once again I had an interesting week in our Elements class, this week it was Fire, well Effy gave us two weeks to work on it.  Sure glad we had the extra time cos' I've been overwhelmed with lots of stuff these past two weeks, one of which is our up coming Renaissance Faire this weekend, more on that later.

So, Fire week, I though I would do great with this week since I have such a fiery personality, passionate and sometime too hot for some.  I'm not referring to love and lust, more like over powering, anger and short tempered.  It's been something I've struggled with all my life, I lack patience and I get set off easily and give my 110% to things I'm passionate about and stand for.  For the longest time I was made to feel there was something wrong with me cos I wasn't low key and "normal" as some put it.  Only recently have I learned to accept this part of me.  My passion is so strong at times, that when I give my 110% to things I believe in and stand by, I often finding that it doesn't go over well with others who are, well lets say less passionate.

So, I thought Fire, no problem.  But when it came down to it, well, maybe it's the stress I've been under and my mood wasn't right but I just had the hardest time with this page.  The fun thing was that we painted to music, no words on the paper just art.  I found myself layering and layering. Until this is what I ended up with.

Once again I love the texture this art journal produces.  And I like the vibrant colors that came through.

This is the first time I used doilies, still enjoying my Lindy Stamp Gang sprays too ;)

So on Friday we will be diving into Spirit Week...lets wee will that will take me :)

Now about the Renaissance Faire, oh, this was such a spur of the moment thing! So, we will be attending the Mancos Renaissance Faire, this weekend.  We have never done one before, and though it seems fun and exciting, I'm a little nervous.  We have to decorate our tent in period time themes, as well as dress and speak in period times.

We will be camping there over night and there's lots of planned entertainment as well.  We only rented one booth space and we will be putting out products from both our shops.  Since our Alpaca Ranch shop has a "peasant" feel to it and my jewelry shop a more "regal" feel, trying to combine the two took some serious planning.  So I came up with the idea of dressing up as a Faery and told Doug, we could just say that he's a peasant rancher who captured a Faery, LOL and so he ran with it, here's a snip bit of the fairytale he came up with and shared on his blog...

The story goes that one evening the alpaca rancher spotted a fairy creating trinkets by moonlight. He liked her work and wished she would also work for him knitting... read more...

We put up the tent this past weekend and started decorating it so get an idea how we would be pulling it all together.

I've even worked on some Faery wings...what do you think?  It was fun and challenging, I'm happy with the results, though.

Don't have much funds to spend on this whole affair, but we made due with picking up a few things and using other things we had on hand.  I'll be pulling out an old dress from my closet and adding some scarves to it and calling it good.  The boys will be wearing white T's with dark pants and a belt, with bandanas on their heads, they wanted to be pirates.  All in all it's been an adventure putting it together...soon we will see how it all goes.

I'm sure it's all going to be a fun experience, we sure are looking forward to it...especially the boys they are excited about being pirates ;)

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  1. Your page is beautiful Alluryn and your fair sounds like so much fun, I hope you both do really well with it
    Love and light



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