Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Elements of Art Journaling Wk 4 Water

Yet another wonderful week with Effy Wild of Wild Precious!  This week's element is water, emotions, watery emotions like Effy calls them.  Those that make you cry, verses the fire ones like anger, passion ect., those we will visit with next week ;)  So, this week we learned to "sit with it", we are still doing our clustering and the contemplative meditation, our 15 mins of free writing.  BUT we didn't use any of the words that came up in our project instead we "sat with it".  We sat with a memory where we experienced strong emotions...we felt it, honored it, and listened to our feelings around it.  We moved through them instead of filing them away, ignoring them etc .

This is why I love Art Journaling...it is such a healing art form.  I sat with and journaled a sad, painful and challenging time for me, which after 4 years I am still healing from, both physically and mentally.  The traumatic birth of my youngest son.  I have lots of emotions around it all still and though I've done a lot of healing for it, it still brings up tears and loss for me.  So...I journaled with my new Derwent Inktense pencils, which I love by the way, and then moved through those feelings honoring them, transforming them with water (infused with Lavender essential oil) thanks Effy for the idea!  Those that know me know I LOVE Lavender and essential oils.  Then we invoked the spirit of compassion, and of course Quan Yin to me is the embodiment of compassion.  So I drew another wonderful whimsy face, which I thank Tam from Willowing for teaching me how.  I still want to take her Magical Mythical Makes and World of Whimsy classes..but for now, I'm keeping my finger's crossed that I will win one of her wonderful giveaways, so I can take it sooner :p  Have you stopped by Willowing yet?  Oh, you must as I shared last week, Tam's doing a Massive Giveaway on Aug 8th, in celebration of hitting 5000 members on her Willowing site!

Okay...back to what I was saying.  Effy shared one of her wonderful girls as a drawing to use for those who wished.  While she was talking about her girl she said she scanned her into her computer, which I thought was brilliant...so I scanned  mine too and jumped on to Photoshop and added sparkles coming out of my lotus and used a printed version of it for my layout.  Before I added her though, I used two of my newest favorite toys, from Lindy Stamp Gang...spray inks with....wait for it....mica in them!  Can you say SHIMMER!  Oooo, the Tibetan Poppy Teal is gorgeous and I added some Sweet Violet Purple Teal too.  Of course, just like my glitter, it doesn't show up on my pictures...but I assure you my page shimmers like water, LOVE IT!

Isn't she gorgeous!  Once again the texture of the glued pages is really awesome.  I love how the paints settle in the folded cracks.  Totally enjoying this eCourse and if you missed out, no worries...soon Effy will be releasing a self paced version so you too can enjoy journeying through the Element of Art Journaling!  Have a great rest of the week ;)


  1. Your page is so lovely Allurynn, and I am sending you hugs for your birth <3

    Quan Yin really is embodying the spirit of compassion here.

    And I agree this course with Effy is wonderful.

  2. You're really wonderful at this Sweet PEA thing. <3

  3. Thanks Louise, funny how some emotions are so strong that they can so easily be conjured up as if the experience had just happened yesterday. But doing this kind of stuff I believe really helps soften them.
    Thanks Effy...as I said even without the Sweet PEA I love to share about great experiences, and your Elements eCourse is Amazing ♥!

  4. Lovely page and thank you for sharing Dxx



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