Monday, July 11, 2011

The Elements of Art Journaling ~Wk 2 Earth...

I am totally enjoying my time spent working on these elements.  This week is Earth and once again Effy Wild is just a fountain of inspiration.  She shares so much and in a way that veterans and beginners alike can enjoy.  We worked with an image of our body as we meditated on the earth element and listened to some wonderful music.  Effy was inspired to create a page representing of Gaia, beautiful textures and shades of green and totally inspiring.  I really enjoyed the process of layering and texturing in various ways.  After taking a picture of my body I was inspired to create my page to represent a tree of life.

Photos never really do art justice...I used tissue paper in the past to create texture and loved it, it was also one of Effy's suggestions.  If you could only see the gorgeous texture this put on my background, I'm loving it.  I also used gold and gold glitter but it's not showing up.  Using an image of my own body was different and wicked cool.  I'm in love with Effy's class and her way of teaching...she's real :)

Here are a few more angles to try to capture the textures, stamping and other wonderful elements on the page. 

If you are moved to, you can still journey with us in exploring the elements...registration is open til the 15th at Wild Precious, The Elements of Journaling.


  1. The glitter comes through on the first pic when I open it really large!


  2. Good to know Alexis, every monitor is different, plus I'm working off my laptop. Glad it can be seen, cos' I love my sparkles :) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. After reading Alexis' post I had to open it big. Sure enough, the glitter shows. I haven't worked on this prompt yet, loving yours. Agree that tissue is a great way to add texture.

  4. Looks so earthy! And I believe you about the texture and glitter and know, how hard it is to show it in the photograph!

  5. Thanks Scatter and Rita for stopping by!



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