Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Elements of Art Journaling

Okay so you know how I was introduced to Art Journaling back in April and I did the "Art, Heart, Healing" eCourse, where I drew my first Angel? Well, I have been so absorbed with business this past month and was feeling that I needed to get back into my new found love...Art Journaling, and vavoom there it was, I stumbled across another wonderful eCourse! Don't you love it when you ask, how the Universe provides...I do!

Effy from Wild Precious is a fellow Goddess Sister from Goddess Leonie's Goddess Circle that you've all heard me talk about. After finding Wild Precious, I fell in love with all the wonderfulness and energy of this group.  While browsing through it I came across the Elements of Art Journaling eCourse due to start July 1st. At that link you will find the details and be able to watched her YouTube video.  After doing so I realized not only was this cool...but I need this now in my life; since I'm at a place where I'm having yet another growth spurt in my Spiritual path.  I love the juicy way she describes your journey "We’re going to learn how to boil our experiences down to their essence so that when we journal, we’re getting the reality of our experience on the page in vivid, metaphoric, accessible, yet poetic language. And we’re going to do that by employing the classical elements of life".  Gorgeously put and totally the journey I want to be on!  So now I'm asking the Universe for some funding so I can make this happen, it's all good.

In the meantime, I joined the Wild Precious Art Journaling group on her site and once again received confirmation that this it where I needed to be.  The first journaling prompt was to incorporate Owls in some way, shape, or form in our journals.  PERFECT...ever since doing the Creative Goddess Course last year, and the Barn Owl came to me as one of my totem animals, I've been wanting to paint one, but haven't followed through.  The owl has continued to visit me in my dreams and I even had one (an owl, can't say it was a barn owl) fly over my car one evening.  These visited were so welcomed as I was going through a rough spot in my life and much needed the wisdom and magick it brought me.  So here it was, my reminder and my opportunity to create my piece of art.  Here's my creation, around the moon I wrote:  "Teach me your sacred wisdom and magickal secrets".
Isn't she beautiful!

Well, I'm off to celebrate my son's 16th birthday and enjoy the rest of the day.  Have a wonderful and blessed weekend everyone!

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