Friday, April 29, 2011

Last Two Art, Heart and Healing Projects

Okay so as I promised here's my Empathy Monster.  First let me just say I don't sew, but as my Goddess Sister Loran said on the Goddess Circle "Feel the fear and do it anyway."  SO I DID....

I had to do some modifications...I didn't have access to the PFD with the pattern Tam offered so I had to create my own pattern, I also didn't have a zipper for his mouth, which is suppose to symbolize no talking just listening...so instead I just didn't give him a mouth.  I also stuffed his belly with Lavender and Flax seed just so he smells good and calming.  I know the stitching leaves much to be desired but I think he came out great!

I also completed the last project which was to draw a "Healing Needs Invitation Angel"...another whimsy so I was looking forward to this one.  I'm really wanting to take Tam's  "Magical Mythical Makings" and
"Ultimate World of Whimsy" courses, so I'm saving up for it ;)

We did some awesome textured background and wings, used lots of glitter but photos don't do it justice, couldn't get the glitter to show.

I have really enjoyed Tam's projects, remember the Art, Heart and Healing course I just did is FREE...check out her group page at Willowing you will also find all of her current courses there.  If you are interested in purchasing her Art Work, which is gorgeous, check out her Etsy Shop!


  1. oh my goodness! Your sewing project turned out beautifully!!!! :) :) :) it is so stinking cute! :)


  2. Thanks Amanda...I'm not a sewer but he was really fun to make.



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